C’est la vie: to fall into clichés to escape from routine


ITALY Do you know how many French words are used in Italian? Simone Rovellini tried to collect them all in a short film that tells the day of a young woman. The moral? C’est la vie, Henriette: to fall into clichés to escape from routine.” And speaking of Cliché!, we point out another very funny video by Cédric Villain. But before clicking here, watch this film!

C’est la vie – ENGLISH SUBS from Simone Rovellini on Vimeo.


Scritto e diretto da Simone Rovellini
Direttore della fotografia: Davide Gatti
Con: Simona Wonderwall, Toni Pandolfo, Ambrogio Avogadri, Mirko Ciotta, Alessandro Fantinato
Music & sound sesign: Silencio, Sydney
Voice over: Raffaele Fallica – ADC group


MAKING OF: C’est la vie – Making of

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