Magnolfi Nuovo: cultural centre, theatre, hostel and…

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PRATO Magnolfi Nuovo (in Via Gobetti 79) has a long History of restoration. The ex-institute belongs to the architectural compound of Piazza della Pietà area and it’s an integral part of Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà, built in 1618. It was first Cloister (until 1818), later Orphanage (until 1978) and then a School-Workshop for crafts and arts.

Today, Magnolfi Nuovo is a Cultural Centre, a Theatre, a Hostel, a Cafè. And it’s a place of study, education and production in the field of music, theater and scenery arts. It’s a really great and eclectic space, with:


– a Theatre with 98 places, welcoming the program of the Department of Culture and also available to be rented for production of other performances

– a Multipurpose Hall for meetings, conventions, workshops, etc.;

– 3 Teaching Classrooms completed with 7 areas (study cells)  to work / study individually or in small groups and 1 Computer Room with 13 Pc workspaces, completed with any tool for video-projection, which can also be requested by public subjects and/or privates intending to organize courses.

– a Cafè, 24-hours open!

– a Dining-room offering local and other meals, open for lunch from half past noon up to 2.30 pm as well as for dinner subject to reservation.

– a Living Room;

– a Hostel (2° and 3° floors) with 22 single rooms, kitchen and laundry for common use, hosting people attending  training activities and people who are in Prato for working and entertainment purposes. And at the last floor, a comfortable attic for the guests.



P.S. CCTeam chose this place to host the band Moscaburro, coming from Bolzano to the Place Concert (held at the Museo Pecci, on 23rd February 2013); both, we and the 8 members of the group, were excited! The rooms are new and clean. Also, going back to the hostel late at night, after a day of sound-checks and concert, finding kind people who welcome us and the bar still open (really nice surprise!), for drinks or cappuccinos, making some talk in the living room even in the company of a guitar, well… Magnolfi Nuovo is a place that we definitely recommend!



Address: Via Gobetti 79, Prato | Site: | Facebook: Magnolfi Nuovo

MORE INFO about the THEATRE, etc… here:

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