CCT @ #ijf12 (International Journalism Festival 2012) – Video & Photos!!


Perugia, 29th April 2012

As you already know, CCT-SeeCity is a “future12”And so, today, it was at the VI edition of the International Journalism Festival, as guest and Speaker. We had 12 minutes to show our project. Elena (CCT-Founder) has summarized and introduced CCT in a short speech of about 3 minutes, to let then people watch the documentary video (by our videomaker Guido). Obviously, there were some CCTzens (thanks for having come!) among the audience but in the end the applause was actually strong and long. Our first applause from a so important audience. We’ll remember it forever. Thank you all from the heart. And here, video and photos from this emotional, unforgettable day.

“If CCT-SeeCity was a person I would say it’s the ideal friend for traveling, exploring the streets of a new city or rediscovering the city we live in. But two eyes are not enough to see the world, especially its details. In fact, CCT is a network of people: bloggers, journalists, photographers, film makers, artists; a network of young people (from 20 to 30 years old) living in different cities and countries (in Italy and abroad) and with different passions (for architecture, art, music, …). But we all share a philosophy, that is our way to see, that gave life and identity to a precise editorial line. CCT tells about PLACES and PEOPLE through a “Creative Street Journalism”, as we define it, because: CCT looks at the most authentic and creative realities and it tries to tell/show them through simple but original formats; CCT talks to travelers and citizens. The CCTeam is growing and the goal is to become a GLOCAL community-network, made of many CCTzens (collaborators) who tell and show this city-world or world-city in a transversal and alternative way, through the alert and curious eye of CCT-SeeCity.”

Elena Mazzoni Wagner, CCT-Founder
“Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo” – Perugia, 29 Aprile 2012

CCT-SeeCity in a documentary video by Guido Baroncelli (March 2012). Audio: Italian | Subtitles: English

Sunday 29th April 2012
Sala Raffaello, Hotel Brufani – Piazza Italia 12, Perugia 
International Journalism Festival #ijf12
Future 12 / CCT-SeeCity – a network of young journalists and bloggers

photos by Patric Alfred Haroldo (001-007) & Fabio Mazzoni (008-046)

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