Liquid Dreams #1: illustrazione di Julian Alexander Brzozowski

Nebula Dogs presents Julian Alexander Brzozowski

Liquid Dreams

Illustrazione dell’artista e musicista Julian Alexander Brzozowski – [Site: | Facebook: Julian Brzozowski] – per la prima canzone dell’album Liquid Dreams dei Nebula Dogs:


A carnal being, filled with the bodily energy from a man; woman; human being; perceives at a determined stage of his vital trajectory that some facts will make his dreams liquid. They ooze through the eyes, making the abstinence of pleasure more visible and multiply the unavailability of following such a path.


No motion, distortion
These souls cannot collide
To fake this life

Some drama ghost is stuck in your imagination
The tuning force of reason is you
This sharp pattern fits the case
To be in phase

Liquefy the dreams from your past
Trying to compress every thought of revolution
Recharging all the lies
No motion, distortion

Liquefy the dreams from your past
Amplify the moment in your head

We’ve been searching for the light
We’ve been drowning into the light

No motion, distortion
These souls cannot collide
To fake this life


ABOUT the album/project: 
Liquid dreams: l’album di debutto dei Nebula Dogs

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