Tsjisse Talsma

SEETIES Tsjisse Talsma is a Dutch illustrator based in Groningen. He enjoys telling stories using esthetic compositions and abstracted forms. His graduation project titled “Wandering” tells his experiences of exploring and adapting in an unfamiliar city – in search of new habits (humans are creatures of habit and in new environments we create new habits) – while traveling through Europe and America. 

Tsjisse studied in Philadelphia, spent a month in New York, interned in London and backpacked when he could during the summers. These travels and adaptations to different environments have been a big inspiration for Tsjisse, who loves drawing what he sees on the spot, in his sketchbook. He draws, inks and paints the shapes by hand. Then he colours and combines them digitally. In his book “Wandering”, you can see the result of his technique and style. Enjoy the travel!

wandering_talsma 001

wandering_talsma 002

wandering_talsma 003

wandering_talsma 004

wandering_talsma 005

wandering_talsma 006

wandering_talsma 007

wandering_talsma 008

wandering_talsma 009

wandering_talsma 010


Tsjisse Talsma

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