Liquid Dreams: the debut album by Nebula Dogs

FLORIANÓPOLIS The debut of this young Brazilian band is a multimedia art project. Their concept album contains 10 songs that we’ll publish every week, one at a time, starting from next Sunday (23rd February 2014): audio, lyrics and illustration. Yes, because every song has been visually interpreted by an artist: 10 songs, 10 illustrations, 10 artists. But what is the album? And who is the band? Nebula Dogs is a progressive and psychedelic indie band, founded in 2012 in Florianópolis – (capital city of Santa Catarina state, on the homonymous island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, in the South of Brazil) – by André Zanella (synthesizers/vocals), Conrado Emerick (bass), Kauê Werner (guitar/vocals), Paulo Pfutzenreuter (drums/vocals).

Here their video message to CCT’s readers!


Nebula Dogs - AlbumNebula Dogs, what music do we listen in “Liquid Dreams”? Our repertoire is influenced by bands with a psychedelic vein as the Pink Floyd, MGMT, Radiohead and Supertramp, that seek sound diversity and often use elements taken from other styles, such as blues and jazz, always maintaining a tune with the contemporary scene.

How was born your debut album? Since July 2013 we have been focused on creating and producing “Liquid Dreams”, released online on 12th January 2014. This is a concept album that throughout the songs will give you an allegory to symbolize the chronological trajectory of a human life.

And your artistic project? As the album has a story behind the songs, we thought, that maybe some artists would have liked to represent them with an illustration. Some of them are our friends and some others heard and joined the project. This exchange between music and art was born from pure passion: it’s all very independent and each of us knows that everyone is doing for love and not for money, in spite of the daily necessity to survive. We have collect 10 artists and everyone will show you their own vision about the concept, lyrics and music of a song. This way, they have visually interpreted our album; so you can listen to it and see it.

“Liquid Dreams” – debut album, released on 12th January 2014.

00:00 Liquid Dreams
3:57 Tonight It’s Mine
8:03 Casino Underwater
11:42 By The Coast
17:45 Revulsion
21:10 Outsider
24:36 Antarctic Sun
27:57 Into The Blue
32:33 Human Entropy
35:35 Liquid Dreams II


From Sunday 23rd February 2014, every week
we’ll publish on CCT a song (audio + lyrics) interpreted every time by a different artist
with an illustration!


Band: Nebula Dogs
SoundCloud: Nebula Dogs | YouTube: Nebula Dogs | Facebook: Nebula Dogs | Email:


Photos & Album Cover: Stefano Maccarini
Site: | Facebook: Stefano Maccarini

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