Brunori Sas performing “Lei, Lui, Firenze”

CCT-SeeCity & Sounday Music present Street Sounds Project – Special Guest:

Video by Guido Baroncelli

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Photogallery by Fabio Mazzoni

WHO: Dario Brunori and Stefano Amato (of the “Brunori SAS” band from Cosenza – Italy). Official Website:

WHAT: A special acoustic version of the song “Lei, Lui, Firenze” (Dario Brunori: voice and guitar; Stefano Amato: cello)

WHERE: inside the Gymnastic School “Il Poggetto” in Via M. Mercati, Florence (Italy);

WHEN: 12th November 2011

WHY: The Brunori SAS band was in tour and coming to Florence (Firenze) for a concert at the Auditorium FLOG. Dario and Stefano agreed to perform for our project. Which song could they play if not “Lei, Lui, Firenze” in the city of Firenze? Because of the soundcheck and some inteviews the band had in the afternoon, before the concert, we had really few minutes to make this video. We choose the Gymnastic School “Il Poggetto” as set, being the closest place to the Auditorium, and we recorded in front of a quite particular and very active audience: the girls training in the scene background. In the end, it was such an amazing performance. We really thank from the heart Dario Brunori and Stefano Amato for this touching acoustic version of one of our most beloved songs. Welcome abroad to the “Street Sounds Project”. Brunori SAS is officially the first “Special Guest” band of our little special project. Who’s the next? …Stay tuned and let’s be surprised!

CCT thanks: Dario Brunori, Stefano Amato, Matteo Zanobini (Brunori SAS manager)
& the CCTeam: Guido Baroncelli (videomaker), Fabio Mazzoni (photographer), Alessio Clicio, Gianmarco Spinelli, Lorenzo Colzi and Dalia Kamal (assistants).


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