Palermo “beyond the walls”

Antoine Séguin & Iris Akram

Stories by the “Creative Curious Travellers 2018” about the city of Palermo. A project by CCT-SeeCity. Thanks to: CLAC | @Igers.Palermo | MINIMUM | PUSH. | SeeCily Tourism Services – InfoPoint Palermo | USE-IT Palermo | ALAB | SAM! | Pasticceria Cappello | Caffè Letterario Teatro Garibaldi | Good Company Sicily | AddiopizzoAddiopizzo TravelVisit Palermo | Wonderful Italy.

PALERMO - Beyond the walls - MAP
PALERMO During a summer week in the regional capital of Sicily, we have discovered an urban centre of great cultural and historical richness. Bit it’s beyond its ancient walls that we have captured the most interesting moments for us, in four neighbourhoods that are not featured on many travel guides: Costa Sud, Danisinni, ZEN (Zona Espansione Nord) and Isola delle Femmine. Four places where buildings, villas and tourists disappear in favour of everyday life of Palermitans. Places where the desire to live the city, to cultivate and to relax are mixed.

PALERMO zoom MAP costa

PALERMO zoom MAP dani

PALERMO zoom MAP zen

PALERMO zoom MAP isola femm

THANKS. A very special thanks to Mauro Filippi from PUSH. who makes us look at the city from another angle, and bring us to Danissinni.
NOTES. Drawings and Photos by Antoine Séguin & Iris Akram. Photos shot with a Mamiya 7 (black and white) and a Minolta XGM (colours).

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