Perfectly Prague, Perfectly Me

Barlow Najima
another mindblowing building

PRAHA Before landing this city was just incredible-sounding vowels put together. The streets are forever uphill, feels like you are getting nowhere in all this beauty. Prague is a city that doesn’t want me, one that is forever doing its own thing.

florence metro station
Florence metro station

But I want it all, the streets the colourful buildings and the cafes. I want walks at midnight, midday and 3pm on these same streets. Want sunsets, heavy rains, and all of what makes this city, Prague. Seems like the only city I want to be lost in. The only one I want to not be myself in, whatever that feels like. Went to a beautiful bridge to do no more than take pictures, hope all the tourists dreams are fulfilled.

another mindblowing buiding
Another mindblowing building

Bake shop was the first bakery I went to since 2018 started. I never use the word ambiance but it is safe to say the ambiance was perfect. Perfectly Prague. Imperfect me in a just so perfect Prague.

metro station ceiling
Metro station ceiling

The language is hard but plenty good things in life are too. It didn’t stop me from indulging in the food either. I’m most fond of the Mexican food I found on my last night. I went in the small food chain (name doesn’t come to mind) with expectations for one vegetarian meal and came out with two burritos and a taco. I. love. Mexican. Food.

menu at pretty buritto restaurant
Menu at pretty burrito restaurant

I left Prague too soon, too many grounds not walked on and cafes not entered. The harsh winter weather may have had something to do with it. Nonetheless, for the few that I went to, my heart was in awe. I will be going back, in search of new adventures and quiet streets. Prague took me by the hand and brought out the urban explorer in me. This was an experience I’m only too happy to remember.

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