Nippon Trip: 7 destinations in the Land of the Rising Sun

Michele Moricci

Nippon Trip by Michele Moricci

  1. TOKYO The first stop of a dream come true: traveling through Japan! Between skyscrapers, vivid nature and asiatic culture. [#1]

  2. NIKKŌ It takes just one day to visit but it’s difficult not to gape. [#2]

  3. ŌSAKA is the perfect city if you want to have fun in an infamous “purikura” or if you need to renew your wardrobe from the first to the last piece. [#3]

  4. NARA is the city of deers, a dream for nature lovers. [#4]

  5. KŌYASAN A journey into a journey… On Mount Kōya, between the sacred nature and the Buddhist tradition. [#5]

  6. KYOTO Maybe the most beautiful of Japanese cities. [#6]

  7. HIROSHIMA Last stop of our (first) trip in the Land of the Rising Sun, between memories and marvelousness. [#7]

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