Morocco: Essaouira

Michele Moricci

ESSAOUIRA is a fairly easy destination to reach from the most sought-after Moroccan city: Marrakech is not very big and three days are enough to appreciate its beauty, so we decide to book a short out-door trip. We would have wished to spend one night in the desert but there’s not enough time so we choose to visit Essaouira, a seaside town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

On a bus, along with other tourists, we travel for three hours along the deserted streets that divide the two cities. The colors, the rugged landscape, the small agglomerations running down and the few grazing animals make the journey interesting. We visit a cooperative that sells expensive Argan Oil products locally made by Moroccan women. They explain the processing that allow the least waste, in order to benefit from the many functions of the Argan seed.


We continue and arrive in Essaouira, the sun shines strong and it is reflected with determination in the ancient white walls of the city. The only color to contrast it, is a light blue on doors, windows and windows. The old market arises under shady arcs. The heart of the city is an intense intersection of gutters on which sellers sale their merchandise. Here too, as in Souks, you can find everything from silverware, spices to music and food. We dine in a small court. We order veggie Tagine and relax in the shelter avoiding the  sun at noon. We go back to the harbour and walk along the beach. We look at the children playing carefree, families in relaxation and we notice a man resting with two camels.


I did not resist and we meet him in the hopes of taking some nice photos. The gentleman invites us to take photograph with the animal and caress them. The camels obviously do not appreciate but I’m excited as a kid. The time at our disposal is over, we enjoy the sunset a little longer and it is time to return to Marrakech.

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Michele Moricci