#klangberlins: a tribute to the city by the Orchestra of the Konzerthaus Berlin

Konzerthaus Berlin

BERLIN The Konzerthaus Berlin had a great idea: to make its Orchestra interpret the sounds of the city, as outlined in the hashtag of this beautiful cross-media project: #klangberlins.


The first episode (39 seconds) takes as its subject the symbol of street food in the German capital: the currywurst. And of course the most famous one, cited by every guide as “the best currywurst in the city”, in short, a true symbol for locals and travellers, that one by Curry 36: kiosk opened by Lutz-Michael Stenschke in 1981 at 36 Mehringdamm (and practically in front of the metro), in Kreuzberg; from 2012 you can also found it at 9 Hardenberg Platz (Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten).

The second video (57 seconds) instead has as its subject the S-Bahn, the suburban rail network.

Every city has its own soundtrack, urban sounds that evoke a cultural (or “multikulti”) identity and so why not tell also about these in a creative and curious way? Here an example of how we can make quality marketing, sympathetic and intelligent, valid at the same time for the brand of the sponsor/publisher (private company or public institution) as for its “world”. There is no better storytelling of this: tell yourself through your own territory. Strong applause to the Konzerthaus Berlin, ironic and funny! We look forward to see/hear the next episodes to re-discover other urban symbols of Berlin.

Das Konzerthaus Berlin by Elena Mazzoni Wagner - Sep/Oct 2016
Das Konzerthaus Berlin by Elena Mazzoni Wagner – Sep/Oct 2016


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