“The Others” in the world’s largest city

Hiroshi Kondo

TOKYO, with more than 37 million residents, is the world’s largest city since 1955, when it displaced New York (today, 9th) * [info: www.worldatlas.com].

The Others film - Tokyo street

Hiroshi Kondo, Japanese filmmaker based in Tokyo, has captured the energy and the loneliness of living in such a vast metropolis in his experimental 2-min short, “The Others”. Space and time are in a moving city square, where the individual and the crowd are a totality without ties. The visual effect portrays a “liquid” Tokyo, to put it in short with the adjective given to our contemporary society by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. The feeling that prevails is perhaps the one to stand in the middle of a chaotic mass of lonely individuals. And you, what do you feel about?


Hiroshi Kondo | stnw.org

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