Estación21: at each change of season, a day of Art for everyone in the Barrio de las Letras

* photos: Xanela de Canela Photography

MADRID A day of art and creativity, music, dance, style, cinema, theatre, games and – above all – joy of living and sharing, from 11.00 am to 23.00 pm. This happens in every place and space, even unthinkable, of the most intellectual district of the Spanish capital: el Barrio de las Letras. It happens in the streets and squares but also in the offices and shops that for one day open the doors and invite all passers-by to rest for at least 21 minutes.

Because exactly 21 minutes is the duration of the performances by the many artists invited to create “unconventional experiences” in every edition of this unusual festival that every time is enriched with installations, exhibitions, workshops and other activities open to all, children and adults. But why 21? Because 21 is the date when the seasons change. And in fact, coherent in every detail, Estación21 returns from 2013 four times a year, with each change of season: spring/summer/fall/winter.

The idea came from Karina Moscol and Lourdes Martínez Downing, founders of Chulapa Flow ProductionsTheir enthusiasm has immediately infected the Barrio de las Letras and in less than two years it has conquered the whole city: the event attracts citizens and travelers who are curious to re-discover one of the most beautiful area in the centre of Madrid in a different and original way, through the involvement of local and international artists and creative people but also and especially thanks to its inhabitants.

Here’s a taste of the festival in the video reportage from the recent edition SPRING 2015. What do you think? P.S. The next summer edition “Estación21 – VERANO 2015” (Saturday 20 June) will host also The Midnight Run // European Tour 2015! So, see you soon in Madrid!


“21 Art Season´s Day”
No es un espectáculo. Es una experiencia.

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