“Through the Phone”: the world as seen through SamAlive’s iPhone


NEW YORK City-based photographer SamAlive‘s project Through the Phone features landscapes and urban cityscapes as seen through an iPhone. “I started this project few years ago, this just a easy way to caught blurry backdrops and crisp scenery at the same time. These photos was taken in Taiwan, Japan, HongKong, San Francisco and New York. I’ll travel more country and keep working this project in the future.”

The technique is simple. What do you think about the result?

SamAlive-001 SamAlive-002 SamAlive-003 SamAlive-004 SamAlive-005 SamAlive-006 SamAlive-007 SamAlive-008 SamAlive-009 SamAlive-010 SamAlive-011 SamAlive-012 SamAlive-013 SamAlive-014 SamAlive-015 SamAlive-016 SamAlive-017 SamAlive-018 SamAlive-019 SamAlive-020


Tumblr: samalive.tumblr.com | Facebook: SamAlive

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