Hey, look up! The “Sky Art” by Thomas Lamadieu (aka Roots Art)

Elena Mazzoni Wagner

SEETIES Among his various photographic projects, there is a series in particular that we love and that is touring the world. Lamadieu Thomas aka Roots Art (born in 1985 in Avignon, France) shows us a different and funny perception of urban architecture. Imagination has no boundaries and in that piece of sky, cut by  buildings, in the middle of an intersection of a city, he sees odd characters: a bearded man, a street artist, a seductive woman, a cat, an owl, etc…


He calls it “Sky Art” and he’s right: the sky is his inspiration and also his “canvas” which, framed by buildings, represents always different geometric figures; Lamadieu photographs them and then – (using the Microsoft Paint application; yes, instead of Photoshop, some “old school”) – fills these spaces with drawings of quirky characters in search of their little piece of sky. Here are some (click to make the photos bigger and see the Gallery):


Artist: Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art Photographie
Site: tlamadieu.wix.com | Facebook: Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art Photographie

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