Puff Pastry Rolls

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Silvia Chelazzi, creative founder of “Born in ’82” Blog lives in Florence and works as a Web Developer & Marketer at Open Lab.  In her spare time, however, Silvia loves to make a leap in time to reconnect to her childhood passions. If as a child she used to spend hours choosing the perfect outfit for Barbie, to cut and paste colored papers and baking colorful and imperfect cakes, today Silvia has turned her greatest passions in a blog full of fancy content. From the style to design, from cooking to DIY projects. Starting today Silvia Chelazzi, will intrigue CCT readers with delicious recipes and must-have “do it yourself” fashion!

The first Sunday Recipe by Silvia are the “Puff Pastry Rolls“.


This week I tried to make another cake that I love. I swear that this is very easy to do, the secret is the cream. Then I could not decorate them? Fabric squares!

Puff Pastry
Sugar Icing

What you need is puff pastry and some metal cones, created for making these rolls. You have to cut the dough into strips of 2 cm. Then starting from the base of the cone begin to roll the dough onto the cone. In a hot oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Once prepared and cooled, fill them with custard, they can be dusted with a little ‘sugar icing or you can decorate them like I did!

PuffPastryRollByBornInEightytwo#4 PuffPastryRollByBornInEightytwo#1 PuffPastryRollByBornInEightytwo#3


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