In The Eye Of The Storm (No Olho Do Furação)

Elena M. Wagner | photos: Michel de Souza


RIO DE JANEIRO “In The Eye Of The Storm” (No Olho Do Furacão) is the title of the Brazilian photographer Michel de Souza‘s 4-minute film-reportage, shot (Saturday 15th June 2013) in the middle of the massive protest that is for days crossing streets and squares of Rio de Janeiro (#ProtestoRJ) and many other cities in Brazil (#ProtestoBR). Brazilian people (tens of thousands, especially from the middle class) have come together to rebel without violence (although, as always in these cases, there are the usual violent acts of minority groups) against some political issues and government’s choices, the too high fees compared to the quality of public services, the corruption and the exaggerated amount of public money invested in building infrastructures for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and Rio 2016 Olympics (which will be both held here) instead of education and health systems. It’s no a coincidence, in fact, that the protest – exploded after the increase of 7% of the cost of public transports (20 centavos Reais = 7 cents of € uro) and organized as bottom-up through social networks like Facebook and Twitter – has begun on the occasion of FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 (where also world’s media have already switched on the cameras and hopefully they’ll be more interested in this social and historical event than in the foot of a Mario Balotelli).


The young photoreporter has filmed a part of the protests – the tensions between people protesting and police, but especially the pride and the will to change – with his camera and a pair of GoPro; filming the instants before each snap, he has made an unusual and suggestive reportage.

Michel de Souza: “During the protests this week in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, I filmed myself photographing the riots. It is a video that shows moments before each photograph was taken. I think it also tells the story of something that seems to be marking our country. I confess that, towards the end, it moved me to tears. Watch it, share it, multiply it.”

Photos and Film by Michel de Souza – Original Soundtrack “Changes” by Pedro Curvello


Photos by Michel de Souza. Here more photos:

– Manifestação contra o aumento e as condições do transporte (15 June 2013)
 Um Dia De Fúria (18 june 2013)


Photographer, Filmmaker, Editor: Michel de Souza
Site: | Twitter: @micheldesouza

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