The mysterious boy of via Solferino

Elena M. Wagner

MILANO As I found this “post” in Solferino street, I checked on facebook: The mysterious boy of via Solferino. This romantic girl is still looking for the runner boy who stopped her heart. If you want to read the happy ending story, let’s “like” the facebook page and share its mission, because spreading the voice… we can help her to find him!

Here I copy and paste the content from the facebook page, created by a close friend of her:

Desperately seeking this mysterious runner a friend of mine saw on a monday night in via Solferino, Milan. She came back in the same place at the same time for the next three mondays, trying to meet him again: it never happened. Join us: we must find him.

Description: MILAN, ITALY. The area between MOSCOVA and BRERA. 9 PM. A monday night. A lovely girl. A running guy. She sees him. She instantly falls. (In love, I mean). He runs away. Ok. From that moment on, she waited in via Solferino at the same hour for the next three mondays, trying to meet him again. It never happened. She’s a friend of mine. We need the help of an entire town, and more. We’re in need of ideas, and we need to find him. So it doesn’t really matter if you live overseas, or outside the Milky Way. We don’t care about who you are, about your sex, about your age, if you’re a human or a dancer or an extraterrestrial. You could even be an animal or a plant. Got any idea? Then please, tell us. What my friend D. says: “He looked a little bit like Colin Farrel, and had got beard – not much, anyway – . He could be in his late twenties (28-30). Green gym suit, white running shoes, white iPod headphones. I guess he was coming back from Parco Sempione”.

This story reminds me Patrick Moberg. This boy from New York fell in love at first sight: the 4th November 2007 he saw Camille Hayton taking the train from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The train arrived and he lost her. He came back home and created the website to find her. He painted the mysterious girl and himself. Then he added the details of the fleeting encounter, his phone number, email, and an appeal to anyone who could help in the search. And finally, Patrick found his Camille, actually! So… all dreaming lovers, even from the largest cities, never give up!

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