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Michele Moricci

“In our shoes there’s part of us and part of our culture and through them we have a direct contact with the earth in which we find ourselves. They walks through different realities in foreign surfaces. Same rich surface details that my camera immortalize”.

This is the concept hides behind photographer Sara Pretelli and her itinerant “Step by Step” project, a clear reference to the trip as a form of discovery of distant realities. Who else than CCT could have passion for “Step by Step”?


Are the inseparable colored Converse and a camera to follow Sara while she is travelling Europe and abroad, where she captures and freeze a meeting between different cultures. “Step by Step is a project that involves the construction of photographs and some video from the cities of the world” explains Sara, she spent some time in England and now is ready to jump on a plane to Asia. The project evolves and heads straight to the Rising Sun & Co.

Background changes, cultures blend together in many shots through which you can see the world from a unique perspective. To travel you need to move, that’s how the title “Step by Step” symbolizes the idea of movement, to move one worldwide step after another. A few days ago Sara has left to visit Asian cities to capture lifestyles that at the end of three months of travel will become a new “stop motion” video. For ones too curious the journey starts now on the official facebook page Step by Step Project.

Will our heroine keep up with your bated breath to discover the Great Wall, Tokyo Tower and the elegant and feminine Thai Buddha? CCT thinks so!

liverpool,uk budapest3 budapest5
Traveler: Sara Pretelli
Site: Step by Step Project | Facebook: Step by Step Project | Vimeo: Sara Pretelli

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