Pinza’t – recycled hand painted bags

Elena M. Wagner


BARCELONA Pinza’t (pin in Catalan) is a plastic art and design collective who works collaboratively to make bags, wallets and similars, from 100 % recycled materials. Their aim is to create totally unique pieces, all of their products are worked on individually by one of the urban artists (many of them are graffiti artists) who live or have lived in this city. Each piece is either hand painted or the material is cut and sewn onto the bags creating a collage, always unique and different from the others.

From flamenco scenes to urban details, from imaginative subjects to human faces. The art-works are really various and the list of artists involved is really long (as you can see on their website) and constantly updated. If you love street art and you’re looking for a really unique object, this creative and colorful atelier-store is a must and curious destination. Also worth looking out only for the workshop and to know the friendly young couple – Dolça & Sam -, the two artisans and creative entrepreneurs who could tell a lot about all the artists they work with.

As you approach to Pinza’t, beware of shutters that decorate the narrow streets of El Born. You will find walking in the middle of an urban art gallery. And who knows how many of those works are by the same artists you find here. Do you recognize any style? Have fun to find out!


Bag painted by Minerva Capdevila


Borsa dipinta da Vito Garcia grafititero

* All their products are sewn with a double seam, ensuring long life. They work to create a product that is useful and simple. All their bags have a strap which can be used to wrap around the waist or around a bike’s handle bar.

Address: Carrer de Grunyi 7, El Born – Barcelona | Online Store:

Site: | Facebook: Pinza’t – recycled hand painted bags



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