Il tassinaro

ROMA (1983) Proud of his city and his cab Zara 87, Pietro Marchetti (Alberto Sordi, director and actor) is a happy taxi-driver, husband of Teresa/alias buzzicona (great Anna Longhi) and Luca’s father, future engineer, who meets every day an interesting and curious variety of people. He speaks, laughs, jokes, argues, remembers the past, discusses about the present and the future with all the characters. Most of the dialogues are funny but sometimes they make you also think and understand that today is not so different from yesterday. Among the “famous” customers, there are the politician Giulio Andreotti and the director Federico Fellini, both playing themselves. And while Pietro talks with them, from the windows of the taxi, we can glimpse the Eternal City. Needless to say, how beautiful Rome is.

“Il tassinaro” (1983) – Alberto Sordi
the end: Alberto Sordi & Federico Fellini

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