Bouquet Transportable

Tell us a true story, we’ll give you a gift.

The first Monday of every month, we try to inspire you (for a week) with a new detail belonging to a gift that we’ll send to the best true story’s author. Every gift is chosen by the CCTeam and it represents our “Seelosophy“: what we do love and believe our community might love, too.



Bouquet Transportable. A bouquet that you can take anywhere in the world. A gift card to send to far-away or always on-the-move friends. A delicate paper sculpture to decorate your home. Risograph printed in Italy in limited edition in 4 languages. Every piece is unique and hand-made with love. Share your #bouquet_transportable !

Each d.i.y. kit contains:

* 20/30 paper flowers and leaves [ + 1 bird ]
* about 2 mt of thin copper wire
* 4 spreads card [closed measures 15*15 cm, 160 g Ingres paper] to write your wishes in
* simple instructions to create your composition, on the back of the card
* a beautiful crimson red envelop [17*17 cm, 130g felt marked Chagall paper]

Each d.i.y. kit weights approx. 25 g, being a perfect gift to be sent by postal mail!
You’ll receive it in a protective envelope so that you’ll be able to use the beautiful red envelope.

Bouquet Transportable is a project by (our CCTzen!) Silvia Robertelli

More about: Web store | Facebook page | Instagram


Bouquet Transportable is a little thing made with love to send love. We do believe the little things are infinitely the most important. Look around: where do you see Love?

Theme: Love.

Hashtag: #agiftforatruestory_love

Week: 4-10 April 2016

Project Rules:

  • The first Monday of every month, we post a detail belonging to a new “gift” – on our web guidezine and Instagram profile @cctseecity – with one theme and one hashtag.
  • Any tagged photo taken over the week is eligible only if it shows a “true story” described in its caption (max 2.200 characters) and inspired by the theme.
  • Please, add the #agiftforatruestory_love hashtag only to photos taken by you over this week and only submit your own story.
  • Next week, we’ll share the “best 9 true stories” on our web guidezine and Instagram, tagging the best nine authors. And we’ll announce the winner!
  • The winner will be directly contacted via Instagram and will receive the gift by the CCTeam.
  • CCTips: Try to see the world with different eyes and let the city suggest you how to start your true story. Details make the difference and different is beautiful! #SeeCity, See & Smile 🙂

#agiftforatruestory project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by the CCTeam, on the first Monday of every month. Special editions are sponsored by brands/companies we like. For a chance to be featured on www.cct-seecity.com and win the related gift, follow @cctseecity on Instagram and look for a post announcing the latest project.

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