PISTOIA, medieval city, conceals a contemporary fervour. Are you curious to discover all the places that create this particular geometric shape on the city map? Then follow us on our urban exploration, in search of independent spaces born to share contemporary art and creativity, in the Italian Capital of Culture 2017! * Text & Map by Ilenia Vecchio | Graphic by Michele Moricci * #CCTravellers2017

PRATO e Val di Bisenzio, Toscana, Italia. Qui, per la terza edizione di TAI – Tuscan Art Industry | progetto a cura di SC17, alcuni creativi della nostra community esploreranno e racconteranno “itinerari del contemporaneo nell’archeologia industriale” studiati e proposti dal programma di questo evento speciale che si articola in tre parti [dal 3 Ottobre al 12 Novembre 2017]. TUTTE LE INFO IN QUESTO POST! * Chi saranno i nostri inviati? Seguiteci sui social, lo sveleremo più avanti! Hashtag: #CCTravellers e come sempre #SeeCity 😉

PISTOIA Comò Mag. tells stories through a direct contact with people. It finds inspiration in those who dedicate time to their passions. For this reason, during the experience as CCTravellers, it has decided to dwell on who the city lives every day in a curious and creative way: “We’ve been immersed for three days in Pistoia’s life and now our drawers are full of new stories to share. We invite you to our journey, made up of faces and words, those of the beautiful people we met.”