Truck Art Project: 100 trucks as canvases, 100 artworks on the road

Truck Art Project

SEETIES Truck Art Project is an art gallery in movement. A different way to show artworks and see them where you least expect it, in a street or car park around the world.

Truck Art Project - 000

The project is promoted and developed by the Spanish collector and entrepreneur Jaime Colsa and curated by Fer Francés, for the contemporary art, and Óscar Sanz for the urban art.

Among the artists involved, several known names, active on the international scene, stand out as Javier Arce, Remed, Abraham Lacalle, Marina Vargas, Javier Calleja, Daniel Muñoz and Okuda San Miguel.

A fleet of 100 trucks as travelling canvases. Each truck, owned by a well-known commercial transport network, has been assigned to an artist; you can follow them on the web to find out and remain updated about their next movements!

Truck Art Project - 004

Truck Art Project - 002

Truck Art Project - 005

Truck Art Project - 007

Truck Art Project - 003

Truck Art Project - 008

Truck Art Project - 001

Truck Art Project - 009



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