“THE NEIGHBORS”: portraits taken from a Manhattan window

Arne_Svenson_The Neighbors_02
Arne Svenson

NEW YORK Photographer Arne Svenson has secretly portrayed some neighbors from his Manhattan studio’s windows. He has photographed them while they move in their apartments, unaware of being observed: while relaxing on the couch, sitting at the table, washing the floor, talking on the phone, touching the hair. Their bodies and faces are never seen entirely. Perhaps to save a bit of their privacy and give us (spectators) a bit of mystery. The metal panels that divide the windows, often dirty, as well as the curtains and light reflections, break and darken a little the view and so make the scene, in its extreme simplicity, elegantly seductive. The sensitive and refined look of the photographer (here also social anthropologist) characterizes every voyeuristic shot of this series with a deep and particular aesthetic sense. These photographs are so beautiful that seem paintings by a contemporary Vermeer. In this gallery, a selection: