Les Mercredis de Daphné: how to use the hair!

Chiara Panerai


PARIS Wandering among the French online magazines, we had the pleasure to come across a fresh and original blog, whose creator is a peer of us who actually owns an enviable gift. What are we talking about? About the talent of Daphné Narcy, 25-year French girl installed in Paris, to create hairstyles with effect and absolute simplicity. We were curious and so decided to follow her tutorials, really effective and of low-medium difficulty; then we have contacted her to know a bit more about her passion that she has made become her job. So we’ve entered into a world of hairpins, barrettes, ribbons and spray and, frankly, it’s now difficult to get out of it.

Daphné decided to abandon her studies in Art to follow her true vocation: coiffure (hairdo, hairstyle). Perfecting before herself at the Dessange salons and starting then her own activity with the opening of a video-blog: Les Mercredris de Daphné.

Her specialities, since childhood, are braids (tresse) and chignons. On her hair, in fact, she’s able to create many variations which she explains in her tutorials (very professionally, after the agreement with a production company): the videos are shot in the center of Paris, on the Canal Saint Martin, in the parks of the capital and even in the nearest banlieue (suburb).


Daphné’s video-blog

The blog is visited by 30.000 users per month and its channel on Dailymotion has 200.000 visits. Daphné boasts appearances in the famous French fashion magazines such as Elle and Glamour but especially in independent ones (where we have discovered her) as Paulette Magazine, with whom she occasionally collaborates as model of her creations. In her blog, in addition to videos, you can also find many photos that show how to create, move by move, a certain type of bun (for example, in the form of bow); other photos indicating what products she uses or decorations she wears and sometimes she produces (in limited edition) and sells online, such as headbands or pins. “Our hair is an accessory: let’s use it!” Daphné says. In short, get an internet connection and some hairpins, arm yourself with good will and let’s go with tresses!

Daphné’s Atelier

From the virtual world to reality: the dream of Daphné has also become an Atelier! The success of her videos and the following partnerships have allowed her to open a salon where she doesn’t only combs and plaits but she also offers workshops (if you can call them so) to teach the techniques to fix our “mane”. The laboratory is located in Rue Saint-Sabin, in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris (Bastille). The precise address is communicated when you make ​​the appointment.



Site: www.lesmercredisdedaphne.com

Facebook: Les Mercredis De Daphné | Twitter: @LMDaphné | Instagram: @lesmercredisdedaphne

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