Windows in January

Every day,

through different windows

we see different things

but is the same world we live in.

Window Project 2010

is about the world we live in

and the story out of our windows,

so it’s about your story

and your window,


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idea by Valentina Furri Tedeschi

thanks to the contribution of all these people:

  1. Window Project 2010 starts traveling
  2. Elisabetta De Strobel, Art Director – Jars, Sweden
  3. Chiara Fossati, Photographer – Tarifa, Andalucia, Spain
  4. Alessandro Degani – Seoul, South Corea
  5. Valentina Furri Tedeschi – Verona, Italy
  6. Daniel Lee, Photographer and Artist – Long Island City, New York, USA (website)
  7. Nicola Righetti, Musician – Campedel, Italy (website)
  8. Elena Lonardi – West Hampstead station, London, UK
  9. Alberto De Grandis, Drummer – Valdonega, Italy
  10. Monica Khuu, Photographer – Verona, Italy
  11. Marino Bastianello – Salzburg Castle, Austria
  12. Antonella Iovino, Photographer – Verona, Italy (website)
  13. Daniela Alfier – Lisbon, Portugal
  14. Luigi Martinelli – Brunico, Italy
  15. Luca Marchesani, Photographer – Garda Lake, Italy (website)
  16. Davide Spillari, Photographer – Milan, Italy
  17. Antonia de Poli – Padua, Italy
  18. Luigi – Verona, Italy
  19. Elena Ziliani, Web Designer – Cavaion, Italy (website)
  20. Rani Kim – Washington DC, USA
  21. Giuliano Garonzi, Director and Story-teller – San Mauro di Saline, Italy (website)
  22. Andrea Trevisan, Amateur Surfer – Monemvasia, Greece
  23. Monica Schlüter, Painter – Torri del Benaco, Italy
  24. Birgit Krippner, Photographer – New Zealand (website)
  25. Matteo De Poli – Padua, Italy
  26. Jocelen Janon, Photographer – Auckland, New Zealand (website)
  27. Jérôme Jacob – Photographer, France (website)
  28. Giancarlo Beltrame, Journalist – Trieste, Italy
  29. Silvia and Rolando – Tuscany, Italy
  30. Gaetano Belletti – Padua, Italy (website)
  31. Davide Follador – Hong Kong, China

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