What is MIGHTY?

Dorné Marting
Lavender by Dorné Marting
Lavender by Dorné Marting

Designed and launched in 2015 in Germany by Storz & Bickel, the MIGHTY vaporizer is the first, uniquely designed portable vaporizer made using top-level engineering and high-quality materials that assure its users the best vaping experience. The MIGHTY vaporizer was made for medical purposes, being that it is a certified medical vaporizer.

An Overview Of The Mighty Vaporizer

Here are some features of the MIGHTY vaporizer that you need to be familiar with;

  1.   The Build Quality

The German manufacturer Storz & Bickel designed the MIGHTY vaporizer using a high-quality plastic material. They provide in the packaging a wonderful accessory kit that comprises a charger, a liquid pad, a plastic grinder, a filling tool, a dosing capsule, a replacement screen, a cleaning brush, spare o-rings, and an easy to read instruction manual.

It also comes with an all-inclusive warranty coupled with a customer care service ready to serve you.

  1.   The Battery Life

The recently designed 2018 MIGHTY vaporizer model has its battery life improved by 20% giving you 10 sessions on a full charge at medium to high temperature. This will be highly beneficial for people who vape many times in a day. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

  1.   Temperature Control

There is a wide selection of temperature controls ranging between 40 and 210°C to choose from in the MIGHTY vaporizer. Users have the provision to adjust and fine-tune the temperature as per their preference in order to achieve their desired vaping experience.

  1.   Vapor Quality

MIGHTY vaporizer has undeniably the best vapor quality. Its heating system is highly effective in extracting the best out of the material and in turn producing thick powerful vapor. The cooling unit ensures that the cloud produced is perfect and smooth.

Coupled with a water pipe adapter, the MIGHTY vaporizer serves you with highly flavored rips from your water piece.

  1.   Portability

MIGHTY vaporizer is rather large in size, being likened to the size of a smartphone with more thickness. It’s not ideal to carry in a trouser pocket but will fit well in a jacket pocket or a backpack. Using the dosing capsule gives you a lot of ease to load it while on the move.


MIGHTY is quite easy to use. You first need to twist the cooling unit and then fill the chamber with fine medium ground cannabis. With that done, you’ll need to replace the mouthpiece and press the power button to switch it on. You can adjust the temperature using the – and + buttons.

Give it around 1 and a half minutes to set up and it’s ready for use. The next thing to do is to inhale. You have around 10 to 15 draws available before you can do another refill. The provided loading tool makes refilling super easy.


MIGHTY is undeniably a top product among the vaporizers that are available in the market. It has a high rating among users and offers a unique vaping experience to both beginners and seasoned vaping veterans.

Enough with the talk. It’s time to get the wheels rolling. Order MIGHTY today and start vaping with style.

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