Lost Valentine

A poetic interpretation on Saint Valentine by photographer Venelina Preininger

‘Lost Valentine’ is a visual essay about the fundamental human desire for love and the dream to meet the contemporary version of the knight on a white horse. 

Walking in the nights in Tokyo I was attempting to grasp whether all those wonderfully beautiful young women dream about their Valentine or were they already in love with the dream of him.

💌 My lost Valentine 💝… I was waiting for you… I was looking for you…

I am dressing up tonight – I am putting on a dress 👗, a beautiful one! Probably a hat too 👒… actually not sure yet.🌂👛 But I will wear a lipstick , for sure – a red one 💄. You love red, right?! Or maybe pink?! 👄

Are you going to meet me? Today, tonight, tomorrow? Or maybe yesterday?

My lost Valentine 💝, we didn’t meet yet, right?! ❤️💗💖

I will be out tonight, I will be beautiful for you… My lost Valentine.

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me_1

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me-2

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me-3

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me-4

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me-5

Venelina Preininger_www.venelina.me-6

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