Cliché! France seen from abroad…


FRANCE Cédric Villain is french but he doesn’t live in Paris and he maybe drinks champagne twice a year. He’s a bit disappointed by movies that always show the same France. Tour Eiffel everywhere, french kiss, baguette et voilà. That’s why he made this (English and French version) short film: a humoristic list of stereotypes concerning France and French people seen from abroad. Vintage illustrations and used prints represent famous “snapshots” (litteral translation of the french word “cliché”) about the country of foie gras, paté, crêpes, cheese and wine. The country of Love, where all men are romantic and arrange rendez-vous in a cul-de-sac while all women are très chic et très jolie. France, where people continuously have déjà vu and always say “oh là là!”.


We must admit that some cliché have a grain of truth. But please don’t be too annoyed, Cédric. Every country has got its clichés (for example, Italy is “mafia, pizza, spaghetti, Vespa and mandolino”). We know what you mean but… C’est la vie!

French version:



Director: Cédric Villain

Site: | YouTube: cedricvillain | Vimeo: Cedric Villain


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