Plants of Palermo – a story in maiolica

Holly McKelvey

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PALERMO A story inspired by the city and its nature. And, in particular, by the Museum of Maiolica – Stanze al Genio
Holly McKelvey - Palermo Tiles - EN
Plants of Palermo: like the maiolica tiles sprinkled throughout the city, the nature in Palermo is diverse and colourful (and found in unlikely places). Flowers and grasses spring out of old buildings, bringing life back to the crumbling stone. Cacti from the new world grow on trinkets in tourist shops. Strangler figs from distant rainforests cast shade in Palermo’s parks. Hybrid squash drip from vines in the botanic gardens. Plant pots in alleys burst with birds of paradise. Citrus and figs offer their fruit to hungry hands. And the city basks in the shade of the mountains.
Palermo-en-Tile1 Palermo-en-Tile2 Palermo-en-Tile3 Palermo-en-Tile4 Palermo-en-Tile5 Palermo-en-Tile6 Palermo-en-Tile7 Palermo-en-Tile8 Palermo-en-Tile9

To know about the art of MAIOLICA, click and read here.

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