Berlin. Hell of a City!

Fear And Loving Berlin by Patrick Pichler
Patrick Pichler

BERLIN “on fire”. Strolling through architecture and observing the lifestyle to the sounds of J. Bernardt (the solo project of singer, songwriter and producer Jinte Deprez, who co-fronts the Belgian indie band Balthazar). A camera and the trained finger of Patrick Pichler (photographer and cinematographer currently based in Graz, Austria) to click the shutter. Thousands of pictures attached to each other are creating a visual insight of Berlins nights and days. Uncut and raw. That’s it. That’s Berlin.

  • Video “Fear And Loving Berlin”
  • Directed by Patrick Pichler Vimeo | Instagram
  • Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Song “On Fire” by J. Bernardt