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 About the project: THE SKOLZ

Woman: an adult human female. I don’t know if here, in the portraits of this album, there is more humanity or more femininity. For sure, there is an explosion of beauty. While I bite with my eyes these photos, I want to be like them. It may be because these women have reached a maturity and an awareness of life, such as they can be captured just as they are. Of their steps, gestures and glances, of their expressions and wrinkles, of their skin and colourful clothes, of the places where they live and move, The Skolz has ironically taken an eternal moment of truth and perfection.

We – who live in the image society – have quit seeing, we want to appear like we are not and we imagine a reality that is constructed, corrected, modified, standardized, copied. We delete the signs of time and we make everything the same as before and as the rest. We delete the diversity and so the identity. This way beauty is only an illusion. Like the freedom that we have not from our conventions, poses and (op)positions. These women, on the contrary, seem wonderfully free, true and beautiful. They are the presence that makes that moment unique and that space perfect.

Irony, truth, harmony. The photographic language of The Skolz is instantly recognizable. But every snap surprises me, and I smile, like the first time. And here I want to declare it, dedicating these lines to the photo gallery, because that blue skirt in the midst of an extraordinary horizon, a floor of salt and a sky that looks like a painting, it also took my breath away.

– Elena Mazzoni Wagner


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