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Michele Moricci

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I found  Filles à papa in one of my shopping days of my summer trip to Belgium. Conceived and created by two sisters for naturally rebellious girls, Filles à papa is a Belgian brand that mixes fashion rules between punk and rock’n’roll, between the spontaneity of the American sportswear and European chicness. Debbie Harry and Kim Gordon are two icons and references for the independent and free style designed by Carol and Sarah. Day and night lose their dresscode, according  Filles à papa, combining simple and elegant tailoring and edgy and essential cuts.

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Overlapping shapes and colors, bold graphics and excessive colors represent the philosophy of the Belgian duo. “Tomboy” is the boyish girl signed by Filles à Papa in Spring/Summer 2013. She has oversize t-shirts, a leather jacket, torn pants and even yellow fringed stripes. The visionary wardrobe of Carol and Sarah clashes with the one of an imaginary elder brother. A strong masculine look and a subversive attitude for a girl always ready to lend in a fun weekend in the city or in the crowd of rebellious Coachella festival.

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Find out more about this brand here: Filles à

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