photo by Luca Bonaduce

Nobodysugly‘s mission is to discover, or rather show, beauty and humor in everyone, regardless of race, culture, religion, sex, and age. We want to project positivity and knowledge through worldwide visuals and promote love always throughout the world.

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Love & Shorts

Mary Marchesano (Italian digital pr), as she was back to Italy from America, has started (on December 2012) a photography blog on Tumblr, a project that she manages together with an Italian-American friend, Cristina Cellini (fashion stylist). Nobodysugly wants to become a creative laboratory with two neuralgic points, Milan e Miami, where professionals and not about aesthetics can share knowledge and points of view. The dream is to create then a series of workshops, lessons, experiences in several fields – especially photography and fashion – and in different cities of the world.

We are very curious to see the development of this new project and we’ll certainly keep an eye on it… Because we do believe this. We don’t like stereotypes and standard canons or models, you know. Johann Wolfgang Goethe said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And even our grandmothers have always taught us: people don’t like what’s beautiful, people just like what they like!

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