Tips to cleaning your ATV

Roberto Nickson

An All-Terrain Vehicle, also known as ATV is a vehicle designed to travel on low-pressure tires and has a seat that is straddled by the rider and also comes with a steering handlebar for ease of control. These vehicles are built for driving through rough terrains, muddy roads, sandy dunes, and so on. These vehicles are meant to be dirty because, from the kind of terrain that they have to drive through; they can only get dirtier. However, this does not mean that these vehicles are not meant to be clean. You have to clean your ATV to ensure that it keeps going and that it is well maintained. You can visit resourceful sites such as TokyoMods to learn more about the best ways to clean your ATV.

An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) in Pismo Beach, United States – photo by Roberto Nickson

Here are tips for cleaning your ATV

Use an ATV Muffler Plug

A muffler plug is very important when it comes to cleaning your ATV. The plug is used on the exhaust to ensure that dirt and debris do not get into the exhaust system when the bike is being washed or when in storage. You also want to make sure that water does not get into the exhaust as it would likely damage it. When you jam the exhaust plug into the exhaust, you are assured that washing the bike will not damage the exhaust.

Get an Air Box Cover

The air box is used to give the ATV fresh air intake so that it can be easy on the ride. When cleaning the ATV, you need to use an air box cover to ensure that you keep water and dirt out of this part. It is a no-brainer that with the air cover on, your bike cleaning process is simplified and therefore you can do the hard cleaning as is required. All caked up dirt can be removed without worrying about damaging any part of the ATV.

Use a quality Cleaner and Degreaser

When it comes to the kind of soap and degreaser that you use for your ATV, ensure that you find quality products for this purpose. Your ATV should be pampered with quality washing soaps and degreaser to ensure that it is not affected in the process. When choosing a cleaner for your ATV, ensure you find one that is tough enough on dirt but has no harmful chemicals. A cleanup degreaser is the second cleaning product that is used after the first cleaning. This should also be a quality product that does not damage the surface of your ATV. Remember to keep the degreaser away from plastic parts so that you can prevent discolouration and peeling off.

Use a Power Washer

This is another important thing you need to remember when cleaning your ATV. The traditional garden hose is not good enough for thorough cleaning. The power washer is good because it blasts away the stickiest mud off the surface of the ATV. The garden hose could also be too tedious for the washing process. When using the power washer, ensure that no loose bolts are protruding from the surface of the ATV. These could easily be blown off.

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