Proven Tips To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Elena Mazzoni Wagner
Love @ the Airport - Girona, Spain 2016 | photo by Elena Mazzoni Wagner

One question friends tend to ask when you announce your wedding is ‘Where have you planned your honeymoon?’. Your honeymoon will be one of the most exciting trips of your lifetime, as you will be celebrating your marriage with your beloved. This vacation should be the perfect time for both of you to spend quality time together, understand each other, and share interests. The following tips will help you plan your honeymoon so that you can relax after all the hard work that went into wedding planning.

Discuss with your partner

Most couples have different interests, because, as cliché as it may sound, opposites attract. Your partner could be more adventurous than you are and you could be artistically inclined towards cultures and languages. No matter where your interests lie, you must discuss your honeymoon with your partner. Plan the trip in such a way that both of you have fun together. If you are a beach bum and your partner is a party animal, you could soak up the sun at the beach in the morning and go party the night away. Incorporate both your interests to create an enjoyable experience. Yes, you can plan the whole trip as a surprise, but it would be nice to get inputs from your partner. That’s the success of a happy marriage, isn’t it?

Plan a destination

Though you would’ve heard people coming up with location suggestions, you and your partner should find a place that is perfect for both of you. Once you have discussed your interests and what you want to do on your holiday, you can shortlist locations. Do your own research to see how accessible the location is. Check if you need to take a connecting flight and if so, how much time you will have to spend in transit. Once you do your research you will be able to finalise a location easily.

Plan your budget

Your budget is another factor you must consider prior to holidaying; after all, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket after planning the D-day. Discuss important questions related to the trip budget. You could cut down unnecessary wedding expenses and invest a little more in your honeymoon.

Find the right hotel

Most couples want to just cozy up together during their vacation. That’s why looking for the right hotel is important. There are many hotels that provide all inclusive honeymoon packages at excellent rates. Go through the hotel/resort websites to get a better idea of the amenities provided.

Make bookings early

People tend to postpone hotel and flight bookings to the last minute as they focus all their attention on ensuring that their special day goes well. When you plan in advance, you can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on flight tickets and room rates. If you are unable to pay the whole amount in advance, look for hotels that provide pay at checkout option.

Book a package

Sometimes you might not have the time to sit and plan your whole itinerary. Give the job to someone who does it best – travel operators and agents. They will tailor a package to suit your bespoke requirements.

Finalise the length of your stay

You would have taken a little hiatus from your regular jobs for your wedding and honeymoon. You need to discuss with each other and with your respective bosses the number of days you need to take off work. No matter the number of days you are planning, you need to make the most of each day.

Consider the weather

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to go on holiday when it’s pouring or snowing. It is important to look at the city/country’s weather forecast before planning a stay. Also, many honeymoon hotspots have had extreme weather conditions and are also prone to natural disasters. Do your research to see how safe the location is before booking your tickets.

Read current affairs about the place

Nobody wants to deal with unexpected emergency situations, especially when they are having the best time of their lives. Read about the country to see if there is any political turmoil, financial crisis, or any other underlying issue.

A honeymoon is more than a vacation; it is the celebration of the union of two people. No matter which place you select, spending quality time together is more important. Here’s wishing you and your partner a very happy married life and a wonderful honeymoon.

Love @ the Airport - Girona, Spain 2016 | photo by Elena Mazzoni Wagner
Eleonora & Duccio. Love @ the Airport – Girona, Spain 2016 | photo by Elena Mazzoni Wagner

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