On 09/09/09 CCT starts traveling towards “places”…

Here are 9 reasons why we believe the world needs CCT:

  1. We are surrounded by “non-places”: an alienating repetition. By “copy-paste formats” without history, without identity.
  2. There are no more “events”. Every real fact is recorded, filmed, photographed: duplicable, infinitely repeatable.
  3. Replication is boring and it has no emotion.
  4. We have forgotten how to admire and to be amazed. We live surrounded by images but we have stopped imagining.
  5. Before taking a picture we don’t observe. Our mind doesn’t remember anything more: we rely on the memory of the various personal hard disk.
  6. We have lost the pleasure of being “spectators”: we all prefer to be actors and directors.
  7. We expect the places we are going to visit look like they seem in the pictures we have already seen.
  8. In the halls of museums or art galleries, we almost forget to see the works; we are fleeting passers-by, we have no time to dwell. What matters is to say: I was there. (Even better if it’s the Opening).
  9. We are world citizens but we travel without really knowing the cities (often even not the one in which we live). We are happy to see only as they “appear”.