How to spend 24 hours in Rome

Christopher Czermak
Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash
ROMA – Rome, Italy – photo by Christopher Czermak

1. First stop, drop off your bags

The last thing that anyone wants to do while touring a city is dragging along their luggage everywhere they go. Since you only have 24 hours in Rome, you may not have a hotel to store your luggage as you go about your excursion. However, worry not, as there is a place that you can store your luggage in order to allow you to be free to enjoy your trip. Stasher is here to ensure that all your luggage is kept safe while you tour Rome. All you have to do is book online and find the nearest stasher luggage store near you. This way, you will have a stress free, relaxing trip.

2. Vatican City

One of the major sites that a person needs to visit while in Rome is the Vatican City, more specifically, St Peter’s Basilica. This is one of the largest churches in the world, with superb grand architecture and home to some amazing art pieces and sculptures, such as the Pieta. It is a wonderful place to get in touch with the history of the church and revisit some of the most intriguing events of the faithful that happened in times past. While in the Basilica, ensure that you get to the top of the dome, it being perhaps the most striking architectural feature of the building. It will also provide you with the chance to get an aerial view of the rest of the beautiful sites in the city, such as St. Peter’s Square.

3. Colosseum

An important part of Italy’s history, the Colosseum is a grand architectural building that has withstood so much wear and tear over the last 2000 years, due to events such as earthquakes as well as damage from individuals. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum was built to host thousands of people who would spectate gladiatorial contests and mock battles. It is definitely a must see while in Rome, as it will allow you to picture some of the raw wild energy that would be experienced by the spectators, all so many years ago.

4. Trevi Fountain

This is one of the most beautiful fountains in the city, as well as the largest. As such, it has found its way into quite a number of Hollywood films, such as The Lizzie Mcguire Movie and Three Coins in the Fountain. It is a great place to get some nice pictures and meet a lot of tourists as well, as it is one of the most visited places in Rome. There is a myth that if you throw coins into the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder, then your wishes will come true. By throwing three coins, it is said that you will marry the person you will meet. A lot of people make wishes at the fountain, and as such, approximately a million euros worth of coins are thrown into the fountain, which is used for good causes.

5. Pantheon

The Pantheon stands in great majesty with a grand dome and stunning colonnades that grace its entrance. It was once a Roman temple but is now a catholic church dedicated to ‘St. Mary’s and the Martyrs’. It is one of the longest standing ancient Roman buildings since it has been very well preserved. It is, therefore, one of the places you need to visit while in Rome.

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