Be a CCTzen!

Be a CCTzen!
Elisa Cepale

Are you creative, curious and passionate? Be a CCTzen! 

CCTzens are creative people who explore the world and share stories according to their cultural interests and passions. Do you want to join our community? FILL OUT & SUBMIT this form, it’s simple and fast 😉 NOTE: You can write in ENGLISH (or in ITALIAN). We’ll reply very soon, asap! Thank you!!

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AreYouCreativeCuriousAndPassionate? Be a CCTzen!


Next steps:

  1. CONTRIBUTOR | After this submission, you’ll receive (within few days) an EMAIL with: your personal LOG IN access to our platform (username & password that you could modify) as Contributor and some useful GUIDELINES.
  2. YOUR FIRST 3 STORIES | Every time you save a draft and submit your post, the CCTeam will review/edit it and – if in harmony with our editorial line – we’ll publish it within few days. If not, we’ll let you know why not… and if you want, you could try again with a new post.
  3. AUTHOR | After your first 3 posts/stories – published by the CCTeam – you’ll be able as Author to create and directly publish as many posts/stories as you love.

Thank you for joining us!

Love, CCTeam