Be a CCTzen!

Be a CCTzen!
Elisa Cepale

CCTzens are creative people who explore the world and share stories according to their cultural interests and passions. Do you want to join our community? Then, FILL OUT & SUBMIT this form! :) NOTE: You can write in ENGLISH (or in ITALIAN). We’ll reply very soon, asap! Thank you!!

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Next steps:

  1. CONTRIBUTOR | After this submission, you’ll receive (within few days) an EMAIL with: your personal LOG IN access to our platform (username & password that you could modify) as Contributor, to create and save your first 3 posts/stories as drafts, and some useful GUIDELINES.
  2. YOUR FIRST 3 POSTS | Every time you save a draft, the CCTeam will check it and – if in harmony with our editorial line – we’ll publish it within few days. If not, we’ll let you know why not… and if you want, you could try again with a new post. Or we can simply be friends!
  3. AUTHOR | After your first 3 posts/stories – saved as drafts by you and published by the CCTeam – you’ll be able as Author to create and directly publish as many posts/stories as you love. Being “author” means also to be featured in our CCTzens page and map, and to be officially part of this creative community!

Thank you for joining us!

Love, CCTeam