SEETIES The smartphone as a creative tool for visual storytelling: How do smartphones change our way of seeing, observing, capturing? Are images taken on smartphones simple snaps or art works on their own right? We have decided to learn more about this topic interviewing Rosa Roth, founder and editor-in-chief of THE SMART VIEW – an inspirational independent magazine dedicated to mobile photography.

PISTOIA, fine estate 2017. Strade e piazze, chiese e santi, persone e biciclette, luci e ombre, affreschi e facciate a righe, tanti alberi e un ponte sospeso in mezzo a piccole montagne. Momenti catturati attraverso la fotografia mobile, a colori. E momenti catturati attraverso la fotografia analogica (sì, pellicole sviluppate poi in casa), in bianco e nero. Sfoglia la gallery di Andrea Lavezzaro! #CCTravellers2017