PISTOIA, medieval city, conceals a contemporary fervour. Are you curious to discover all the places that create this particular geometric shape on the city map? Then follow us on our urban exploration, in search of independent spaces born to share contemporary art and creativity, in the Italian Capital of Culture 2017! * Text & Map by Ilenia Vecchio | Graphic by Michele Moricci * #CCTravellers2017

SEETIES Born in Beijing and now based in Chicago, two metropolises that constantly inspire her work. She is Yuge Zhou, visual artist and curator at 150 Media Stream. Through video collages and sculptural video installations she portrays ‘urban dispositions’ and explores the complex interactions between humans and their environment. She uses her camera to document ritualistic moments of urban life and rearrange-assemble these images into a metaphorical and dynamic city portrait. Here is “Underground Circuit”: