PRATO e Val di Bisenzio, Toscana, Italia. Qui, per la terza edizione di TAI – Tuscan Art Industry | progetto a cura di SC17, alcuni creativi della nostra community esploreranno e racconteranno “itinerari del contemporaneo nell’archeologia industriale” studiati e proposti dal programma di questo evento speciale che si articola in tre parti [dal 3 Ottobre al 12 Novembre 2017]. TUTTE LE INFO IN QUESTO POST! * Chi saranno i nostri inviati? Seguiteci sui social, lo sveleremo più avanti! Hashtag: #CCTravellers e come sempre #SeeCity 😉


PISTOIA “The noise of the wheels on the still-warm tile of the patio woke my companions up; it was past 2 AM when I reached the plant nursery and the flat surrounded by yuccas, exhausted from a long car drive and wandering around in the middle of nowhere. Pistoia and its asleep villas seemed to be a lookout checking for strangers like me; I rushed in with no other expectation than a good night of sleep and here they were, waiting for me.” Continue reading this (true) story by Marie Beckrich | illustration: Tom Treadway | #CCTravellers2017

#CCTravellers2017 - Welcome Home - Pistoia - cover web

PISTOIA Here are the 50 guests selected through the “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017” that has received 304 submissions from all around the World! The #CCTravellers2017 will spend some days in Pistoia – Italian Capital of Culture 2017 – from mid July to mid September, to explore the city and find their story… to tell and share on our web guidezine!