Part of a series of illustrations depicting the sweet culinary wonders of Pistoia, Italy. Food illustration with emphasis on realism, color vibrance and texture. Mixed media technique involving watercolors, colored pencils, soft pastels and graphite by Miriam Figueras.

PISTOIA “I must confess that prior to this trip, I had never heard of Pistoia but I was eager to discover its specialties anyway. With surprise and immense delight, I came across many places to truly celebrate food, tradition and time, as I had never done before.” A very passionate story by Miriam Figueras, illustrator from Barcelona. #CCTravellers2017

TAI 2017 by Tsjisse Talsma cover

PRATO An adventure realised thanks to the third edition of TAI – Tuscan Art Industry, among abandoned factories and factories converted into cultural spaces, following the river, from the old city centre of Prato to the Bisenzio Valley. In our pocket, the Industrial Heritage Map! In our hands, a sketchbook and some colours… #CCTravellers for TAI 2017

Nebula Dogs - Album

FLORIANÓPOLIS The debut of this young Brazilian band is a multimedia art project. Their concept album contains 10 songs that we’ll publish every week, one at a time, starting from next Sunday (23rd February 2014): audio, lyrics and illustration. Yes, because every song has been visually interpreted by an artist: 10 songs, 10 illustrations, 10 artists. But what is the album? And who is the band?