PISTOIA, medieval city, conceals a contemporary fervour. Are you curious to discover all the places that create this particular geometric shape on the city map? Then follow us on our urban exploration, in search of independent spaces born to share contemporary art and creativity, in the Italian Capital of Culture 2017! * Text & Map by Ilenia Vecchio | Graphic by Michele Moricci * #CCTravellers2017

PALERMO “Why her? Why give her a space? Some people thought I was looking for a space to show my photos but here you won’t see my works. The ambition is much higher. I want to see others grow, I want to discover talents and cultivate them. And so what you will see won’t be my photos but, near the door of my studio, a red neon made by Riccardo Gueci: picchì idda?”

PRATO “Some travels seem more important than others, we would even say more remarkable. No need to go far far far away to find beauty and to discover great things in the world. It’s what we have learned while we were visiting Prato. An apparently tiny city in Tuscany, 20 minutes away from Florence. Tiny in appearance, but big with all the things it offers, in terms of history, food, and obviously of culture. As we thought would be just a classic trip about as we usually do, discovered way more.” Here is the story by Jennifer Padjemi & Mélody Thomas, Parisian journalists and friends, founders of What’s Good Newsletter! #CCTravellers2016

PISTOIA, ITALIA. Avremmo voluto pubblicarlo un mese fa, subito dopo la presentazione del suo libro, e invece – con l’arrivo dei primissimi #CCTravellers2017 – il nostro telefono tuttofare, intelligente e sensibile, è praticamente impazzito di gioia e svenuto dall’emozione… Per fortuna si è ripreso e siamo riusciti finalmente a recuperare il video messaggio del nostro primo ospite speciale: il giornalista Emilio Casalini. Un messaggio ai CCTravellers ma anche – e forse soprattutto – alla città. O meglio, al nostro bel paese.

PISTOIA, 6 luglio 2017 ore 18.00 – presso la sede di Giorgio Tesi Group // Annuncio dei 50 creativi selezionati attraverso la “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017” (su 304 candidature) che esploreranno e racconteranno la città di Pistoia al Mondo + Presentazione del libro “Rifondata sulla Bellezza” di Emilio Casalini, giornalista di Report/RAI e primo ospite speciale!