PRATO “Some travels seem more important than others, we would even say more remarkable. No need to go far far far away to find beauty and to discover great things in the world. It’s what we have learned while we were visiting Prato. An apparently tiny city in Tuscany, 20 minutes away from Florence. Tiny in appearance, but big with all the things it offers, in terms of history, food, and obviously of culture. As we thought would be just a classic trip about as we usually do, discovered way more.” Here is the story by Jennifer Padjemi & Mélody Thomas, Parisian journalists and friends, founders of What’s Good Newsletter! #CCTravellers2016

FIRENZE * #MNRfirenze, 8/9 Sep.’12 * The Midnight Run è un’idea di Inua Ellams // alias phaze05. CCT-SeeCity, in occasione di PUF! Pistoia Underground Festival 2012, ha organizzato il primo MNR in Italia ed in Europa (fuori dai confini del Regno Unito)! Dopo Firenze, sarà la volta di Milano e poi Inua tornerà a Londra dove ha già in programma un altro MNR, stavolta organizzato dalla Tate Modern!