This Next Year, write a letter to your future self

This Next Year

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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Write a letter to your future self, take action, receive it 365 days from today.

Where would you like to be within this next year? What are some things you want to see change with your work and what actions will you take to get there? How do you plan on pursuing and being consistent with your interests? How will you improve your relationships with others? Think actionable and reasonable steps that you will take. What do you plan for improving your overall health and well being? How will you contribute and improve your community? Small or large, what will you do to give to others? Something that you will do one day. What is a moonshot goal of yours? Something a bit crazy, out of the ordinary. What will you do to get that much closer to getting to that goal in this next year?

This Next Year is a creative project that enables people to send their future selves a letter (e-mail) and receive it one year later (365 days). It is an animated, fun and accessible web app designed by Los Angeles based Alex Carey (illustration & animation) and Tim Chang (design & development). 

With the New Year just started, write your future self a letter on your goals, interests, and how you plan to accomplish things you’d like to get done. 365 days from today, you’ll receive your own message in your inbox. And may your resolutions come true! 🙂 

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P.S. Happy New Year

dear Friends, CCTzens & CCTravellers, from Everywhere!

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