7 Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel To Croatia

Federica Gentile

CROATIA is an amazing country to explore, all with its 1200 islands, quaint little villages and azure waters. The country has a rich history, along with attractions like the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national parks and adventure sports make it an alluring destination for nature lovers and adventure freaks as well. With a large number of tourist attraction, Croatia emerges as the ideal European holiday destination. Although you can find a lot about the best places to visit here, let us help you with a list of dos and don’ts to make your Croatian holiday even more memorable.

Dubrovnik Croatia - Sunset by Federica Gentile
Sunset in Dubrovnik, Croatia | photo by Federica Gentile

Do drive carefully

If you plan to explore the Croatian countryside by driving around in a rented car, be careful about following the rules. Talking on your phone while driving is illegal in the country and you may land into trouble if you do so. You are permitted to drive with your license and passport for six months but if you plan to stay longer, you will need a Croatian license to drive around. The coastal roads here can be tricky; so you need to be extra careful while traversing them.

Do try the bus services

While renting a car is one option when touring Croatia, using public transport is a more economical one. Train travel is not recommended as there are several cities that are not connected via rail service. For example, there is no train service in the south while it is limited on the Istrian peninsula as well. Hopping on a bus is a more feasible idea as there are numerous reliable bus companies running multiple buses on different routes. Plus they have all the popular tourist destinations covered.

Do take ferries or charter a boat

Another ideal thing to do on a Croatian vacation is to take ferries or charter a boat to explore the multitude of islands here. Public ferries are easily available and so are charter boats as the residents of these islands own them in large numbers. The latter may cost a little more but are far more convenient and flexible for hopping from island to island and covering a large number of them in a single day. There are several agencies that rent out charter boats and you can book them online.

Do know the Patron Saint

A majority of the residents of the country are Catholic, which s the reason that there will be a patron saint for each town and village in Croatia. If you are there at the right time of the year, you may even attend some processions and ceremonies held in the honour of the patron saints. The countryside is full of small shrines devoted to Virgin Mary, who is also addressed as “Gospa” here.

Don’t go topless just anywhere

Although the country has several amazing beaches, it does not give you the license to roam topless just anywhere. You may get a full sunbath on the beaches of northern and central region but those in the south are not so liberal. Since the values here are more conservative, you will need to keep your bikini on while sunbathing on the beaches in this part of the country.

Don’t call them Yugoslavs

Croatia has a long history of invasions and external forces governing it, with the names of countries like Hungary, Serbia and Yugoslavia on the list. It was only in 1991 that the country gained independence after years of external governance. So it is best to get your facts clear and never refer to the residents as Yugoslavs as it may hurt their pride and patriotism.

Don’t walk the Dubrovnik City Walls during peak hours

The City Walls that run around the town of Dubrovnik are the favorite attraction for the tourists who visit Croatia. You will find huge crowds here in the peak hours, particularly during the months of July and August. The crowd, coupled with the midday heat, makes the destination an absolute no-no during the middle of the day. So the best time to explore them would be anytime but the afternoon.

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