Forever in awe of Leipzig – of Plagwitz, in particular

Local band performing at the street festivals | Photo:

LEIPZIG Leaving Leipzig (Germany) always leaves an odd feeling in my stomach. Almost like I definitely want to go but definitely don’t want to either. I don’t remember not living in the “cool” ends of Leipzig, call it alternative if you wish. Plagwitz is not only West of Leipzig, it is also known for being hip and vegan. I’m accustomed to its graffiti at every door and corner.

Graffiti on buildings is very common in Leipzig to the point that every few months doors are re-painted. | Photo:

In the summer time you can hear people talking nights away as they sit on the warm streets. Plagwitz is more of a new Leipzig, easiest way to say it is new generation. Karl Heine (my street) used to do these summer street festivals, it seemed like all of Leipzig came out for them. You could listen to different genres on stages put up on streets, and even buy food from the stands right next to them. Others came specifically to buy stuff, old and new, antique and modern. The best was the ice cream stands that cooled us down on hot summer days. They usually ended with concerts playing late through the night and left a mess that I never wanted to see cleaned. I believe the heart of Plagwitz always lay in that mess. For those into photography, Plagwitz is undiscovered and leaves a lot to explore.

Local band performing at the street festivals | Photo:

Restaurants also seem to be native to this place, I can count about eight on my street alone. This is beautiful for a foodie like me. I have fond memories of the man that sells two-euro bratwurst close to the entrance of one of our many parks, while friends keep him company. He tells stories of when he worked next to the clinic while you wait for your hot-dog or sandwich. There is also a beautiful bar downstairs from our apartment, with a beautiful German name, “Noch Besser Leben”, one that looses substance in translation. At best it translates to “even better life”. I always felt like that too when I visited, maybe it was the atmosphere or the effect of reading the name before going in. Leipzig is a beauty.


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